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Research Collaboration: ParkC
Saturday, 05 July 2008 10:59

ECUParkinson's Centre


The Parkinson's Centre (ParkC) is directed by Dr Meghan Thomas, who is also a member of the Surgical NeuroDiscovery Group. ParkC plays a role in connecting Parkinson's disease researchers to each other and the community. It is our conviction that developments in neuroscience, epidemiology, exercise and clinical research can be accelerated in Western Australia by taking a collaborative approach. Research such as that contributed by the Surgical NeuroDiscovery Group can be communicated rapidly and personally to those who need it most.

ParkC is located in Joondalup, Western Australia and is a centre forĀ  Parkinson's disease research including epidemiological, genetic, exercise and clinical research. Meetings of the Young Onset Group (YOG) are held at the Niche on Aberdare Road, Nedlands.