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Clinical Functional Neurosurgery Terms

The Surgical NeuroDiscovery Group welcomes medical and nursing students wishing to spend time with us on a clinical attachment. Local, interstate and international students are welcome to join us. The Functional Neurosurgery team at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital is increasingly busy with operations including deep brain stimulation surgery for movement disorders and microvascular decompression surgery for pain. Interested students can get in touch with team members by email.

In 2009 we hosted two medical students from Germany who were able to attend theatre sessions, clinic consultations, ward rounds, emergency consultations, and clinical teaching sessions. Both students enjoyed their time and feedback from staff was very positive to the extent that we welcome future visiting students.

Students from all West Australian clinical training institutes are welcome to come and discuss placements with us.


Neurosurgery - Professor Christopher Lind

Nursing - Miss Megan Thorburn and Mrs Kate Snedker

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Information for Research Students

There are significant opportunities for research and clinical students in the Surgical NeuroDiscovery Group. As part of the University of Western Australia's School of Surgery a full range of postgraduate research degrees are available from honours to PhD level for science and health science graduates. Dr Meghan Thomas and Prof Christopher Lind can supervise higher degrees in the areas of neurosurgery and neuroregenerative biology. Within our network of collaborators, appropriate co-supervisors from a range of other neuroscience and clinical disciplines can be approved. We are currently supervising one science honours student through ECU. We are co-supervising another honours student and PhD candidate with the UWA School of Exercise, Sports and Health Science.

For medical students, Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSci) degrees can be taken during or after the MB BS course at UWA although this degree may be under review in the future. We have a limited capacity for supervising 4th year MB BS students for their integral research attachment: in 2011 we anticipate this being a competitive process. We prefer individual students working with us rather than teams. Medical students choosing to spend time in dedicated research may be candidates for MMedSci and/or PhD before or after working as an intern.

For clinical residents and registrars, research experience can be tailored to suit your clinical ambitions and available time. We have had several of your colleagues working on specific projects over the last 3 years. One to two year Master of Medical Science (MMedSci) degrees are available with examination by a thesis made up of publications united within a research theme. We have two MMedSci students currently. The new Master of Surgery (MSurg) degree has been very popular in its inaugural year (2010) because of its interesting surgical mentorship, practical skills training, statistics lessons and dissertation requirements. The Group has taken on one MSurg candidate in 2010. The MSurg can be undertaken during clinical training part-time by highly talented and motivated surgical trainees (both RACS SET and preSET).

Contact Prof. Chris Lind or Dr Meghan Thomas

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