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Friday, 06 June 2008 17:29

ABC Catalyst Programme: Deep Brain Stimulation

After being diagnosed with a devastating neurological disease called Generalised Dystonia, Perth man Luke Wilmot became confined to a wheelchair for most of his teenage years. As a result, Luke was robbed of the simple things in life; like having a job, playing footy or getting his license. At times he felt like dying.

Read the transcript or watch the video online at the ABC site.

How a Tiny Electrode can Change People's Lives

Wired Magazine and PBS brings you an interested piece on Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) from a patient's perspective. Includes video. Please note that there are some technological differences with our work.

View the story at the PBS website.


Deep Brain Stimulation Helps Severely Depressed

Read the story at the HealthDay website.


How Deep-Brain Stimulation Works

Time Magazine
Sunday, Jul. 16, 2006
By Sora Song
A Time Magazine background piece on DBS.

Read the full story at the Time Magazine website.
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